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James Miller
United Kingdom
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I'm not religious. I don't care for it because of all the things people use it to justify, bad things that sometimes hurts my friends. I'm more of a live/let live kind of guy. You can believe in what you want so long as it doesn't hurt or infringe on others. God, Buddha, Santa Christ, doesn't bother me so long as you don't tell others how to live their lives.

I'm more agnostic with patches of atheism at times. I'd like to believe there's a higher power out there but there's no way I'd be able to conceive or interpret their actions because they'd be so alien in how they see things that it's inconceivable for me to understand it. There's this idea that there's a cosmic plan, that everything we do is predetermined so when we screw up and have bad things happen to us it makes us feel better knowing there's a plan in place. Of course no one ever thinks that this plan might not be good or have anyone's best interests at heart, because that goes against the idea of it. That things are fated to happen can make us feel better. The cosmic plan is imagined because we can see patterns in our own lives, how it can't be a coincidence. Well here's the thing, these patterns do exist because without our past experience we wouldn't be where we are. If we took a different road then we would've gone somewhere else and that pattern would point to that. No big cosmic secret there. But we see it and we hope it means there something planned for us. Hence why we get such annoying clichés as "The person you are waiting for will only walk into your life when you stop looking for them."

That's a load of bollocks. For every action there is a reaction, everything has a consequence, so not doing something will not get a reaction. Things will not magically happen if you do nothing. This applies for everything, from your love life to looking for a job, if you want something try your best to make it happen. (There is however such a thing as going too far, which is where common sense comes in.) Just do something, even if you can't at the moment just make sure you're prepared for when you can.

Taking a break is fine so long as you don't expect magical things to happen during that break. I'd like to take a break from my (lack of) love life, but I don't think I can at the moment. I'm just whining about nonsense instead of doing something constructive, as usual.

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